Association Center for training and education (Centar za edukaciju i obrazovanje) provides opportunities for training and additional education, regardless of profession. The main goals are to awaken the consciousness of the population about the importance of their participation in economic development (through establish their own businesses) and enviromental development (from local population to entrepreneurs).

The main objectives of the Association are:

  •  training and education - entrepreneurship, business planing, ecology, environmental engineering
  •  the implementation of economic and environmental analysis and research, and feasibility studies
  • commitment to development of economy and raising environmental awareness
  • commitment to improving the quality of corporate and governance, and environmental quality

 These objectives will be achieved through:

  •  education and training, organizing round tables, seminars, conferences, counseling, organizing and initiate activities
  • cooperation with similar organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries, preschool, school and academic institutions, government agencies and institutions, business entities
  • issuing newsletters, brochures, publication and other written materials

Mission: Promotion of entrepreneurship, economy and environment
Our vision is to become a recognized and recognizable promoter of entrepreneurship and sustained development

We transfer knowledge!